#SolidarityWithStoya or How Feels overrule Reelz to modern SJW’s!

Last night before going off to work and being out of contact until Dec 17th adult film actress Stoya dropped a bombshell over twitter. In the tweets captured in the archive Stoya accused Porn Actor and former boyfriend James Deen of holding her down and raping her despite saying No, Stop and using her safeword.

I’m not here to judge Stoya or James Deen, and neither should anyone else. In the United States of America we have a legal premise that everyone is “innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.” #GamerGate supporter and fellow Adult actress Mercedes Carera was vilified for expressing this very thought by none other than Izzy “I file false DMCA’s to Protect Pedos” Galvez.

See, Izzy, you miserable shit-stain on humanity’s underwear, there is a considerable difference between what happened in Stoya’s case here and what happened with Mercedes’ friend Cytherea’s

case. In Stoya’s case there has been only a public allegation of this happening. No complaint to the police has been filed and until that time all of this is just that: an allegation on twitter. Until such time an allegation is nothing more than he said/she said and can’t be trusted. In Cythera’s case there was a complaint, evidence, and an actual case with actual suspects to an actual crime.

In the Cythera case the issue wasn’t addressed by modern feminists. Whether this was because Cythera wasn’t popular enough or because those who committed the rape were three black males we don’t know, but the absence of support and being shut down by those feminists is now highly suspect when we look at the #solidaritywithstoya tag on twitter. It incensed Mercedes Carera to launch a full-out bass-blasting to the same feminists that has now become pretty well known and supported on YouTube.

Now those same feminists that refused to support a victim of rape with a real police complaint and court case, will blindly stand behind a twitter allegation without evidence for what I can only guess is that Stoya’s popularity and notoriety trumps Cythera’s.

Ignored in all this is James Deen & his rights. If he is innocent and this never happened, then we see an innocent man put on trial by public opinion, a jury of social media rainbow-haired harpies practicing their Listen & Believe public sermon and condemning any that should dare speak against it in favor of reason, the law and caution. They only care about their feelz right now and unfortunately with social media today it’s easier to spread that shit than chlamydia during fleet week!

What these #solidaritywithstoya nut jobs and every other swingin’ dick gullible rube is ignoring is that this may not have happened at all and that Stoya is not telling the truth. In fact it is alleged that one “friend” of Deen knows this all to be false but is staying silent for the greater good of believing sex-workers when they claim they are raped and James can go fuck himself because that is more important than his career, his innocence or his rights! (archive in case the Imgur staff try to cover up in the name of Listen & Believe too :)

My point in all this is that only two people know what happened or even if the events happened.

If and when there is ever a court case about this then I suspect the public record will be set straight and Deen will have a chance to defend himself from such allegations, but right now he doesn’t even have that. Right now the Regressive Left Listen & Believe Neo-cult is rabidly foaming at the mouth for someone’s blood and tying their nooses while looking for appropriate branches.

These people who are so dead set on convicting the man accused are supposedly the ones who are standing up for civil rights and supposedly the ones who would be against things like hanging a black boy for being accused of whistling at a white woman like in in the case of Emmett Till.

Unfortunately in the last 50 years the civil rights movement died and has been replaced by a body-snatcher duplicate hell-bent not on expanding our rights but rescinding them.

This case is just another example of how those that try to project the most care and compassion for those who need it, have none and give none unless they satisfy some bullshit preset agenda. In short, they prove themselves hypocrites. They aren’t here for what is right, or for justice, but for power and emotion. Let the law and reality and the rights of others be damned as long as they can feel good about themselves.

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