The Tuesday Quotable

I enjoyed reading this alto, as always.

In Jakarta, traffic jams are the norm, it takes an hour (or more) to get anywhere decent. In a day, you’d be lucky if you can fit three meetings.

Knowing this, we’re always late to our meetings, especially my employers. Many times when they called us, we would be told to say “We’re on the way, we’re almost there.” This is where we haven’t even left our office’s street, or just ten minutes in the journey. I felt horrible about this, luckily when I moved to Brisbane this was not the norm.

My other pet peeve is in restaurants. When we’ve been waiting for a long time and enquire about our dishes, 90% waiters would tell us “It will come out soon.” or “We’re making it right now.” even without checking to the kitchen. Even when they do check with the kitchen they often did not confess that they’ve obviously forgotten our orders given others have all received their meals. This deprived me of making a decision, and uncaring attitude. It upsets me more than if they had told me straight up that they forgot.