Another week flies by…..

OK, time is really starting to fly by now — its kind of crazy to me. We have been here 6 months and that doesn’t seem possible. I have gotten quite busy these days — both in the legal office/ and other mission stuff I”ve just kind of picked up — scheduling, helping out — I’m helping this week at Zone Conf :). I love being with the young ones — I don’t know — maybe it comes from raising 6 boys (and Anna :), and having teenagers all through my life for the last 30 years — -but I love and miss it and being with the missionaries just brings me joy :)

We had a day of service yesterday. Our ward congregation cleaned up around our church building — but that is also partly around the buildings next door too — and there was our district missionaries, plus more missionaries from a small outlaying branch and 2 “group” areas — so about 14–16 in all. It was great. It rained and snowed on us — true spring weather! But the Spirit was strong.

The Sister missionaries have a baptism next week — a young woman — 20 or so — that they have been teaching and working with for quite awhile now. We are so excited for that-Masha is great. We are moving our Yaroslavl trip around again because we don’t want to miss her baptism.

Friday afternoon we went with the Taylor’s (we are getting to be good friends with them — he is the mission (well over 7 missions) doctor and Jayne — his wife — is the mental health advisor and is over all 16 missions of the Europe East Area — she lives on the phone. But they are just great and we love them to pieces — anyway, Friday we went out with them and went to this shopping “mall” — loose term — area — the HUGEST indoor swap meet/ shopping thing I have ever been in in my life. Just stall after stall — 2 floors — literally you can’t see from one end to the other standing in an isle — just humungus. We were there about 4 hours and didn’t even cover a fourth of the place. They mostly sell wholesale to people who have their own shops — people buy in bulk from them — but they will sell just one of things to individuals — anyway, the 4 of us had a blast :).

This coming Tuesday is our Senior Council night — but this week they were just going to cancel it because they just didn’t have anything to do — well DAd has taken over and has it all arranged — people and music coming to teach us some Russian folk dances. it will be a night of dancing :). We have kept it a big secret — don’t want to chase any of the faint of heart away :).

We were gone for 12 hours today — we leave at 9am to get to church “on time” (early) for our 11am mtgs. — yesterday the Sisters texted asking if I could play in Sacrament mtg again ( actually played in Sac. Mtg, Primary and RS :), — then this evening — at 5pm — there was a fireside at the Central bldg — which is like about half way home/ closer to home — about half way between where we live and the South Bldg where we go to church weekly — so of course we didn’t have time/ certainly wouldn’t take the time — to go all the way home only to turn around and leave again — anyway, just north of the metro stop we use for church — really between 2 metro stops — is the huge park. Its on the “things to do in Moscow” lists all the time — Kolomenskaya Park. There is a palace, churches — and its just a huge park — more natural — wooded areas, — its beautiful — anyway, its been way too cold and we have not gone yet. But today — gorgeous spring day (even though yesterday for the whole service project it rained AND snowed :) — -we walked after church — past our metro stop, into the park — and walked the whole length of the park — it took us an hour of just walking — to the next metro stop at the OTHER end of the park — I took a lunch for us and we stopped and ate on a park bench. Tons of people out soaking in the sun — -kids, families, — it was just a wonderful afternoon — -anyway, then we went to the Central bldg for the fireside — and then got home at 9pm. :). So that was a long one for us oldies!

OK, that is about it from Russia! Long enough, right :). OH, an update. I am posting this finally AFTER the Senior Council dancing night — and it was a great hit! Some of the men complained — more for effect than anything. They all danced and everyone had such a great time. We don’t have pictures distributed yet, but I will be posting some. In the meantime —

I feel so strongly that all of us are in the Lord’s hands — -He knows and loves each of us, individually, One by One.


Kathryn & Thom

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