New cars lined up in a port for transportation to dealerships

For long dealerships have maintained inertia with current business practices and processes. They have been reluctant to fully embrace digital retailing, and, under franchise laws, resisted their OEM partner’s attempts to provide direct web sales options to consumers.

The business environment has changed. In the past, there were a few big companies competing with each other: Coke versus Pepsi; Airbus versus Boeing; GE versus Siemens. Now there are thousands of startups in any market, and they’re competing with the big players with far fewer resources. Executives who are trying to predict the next wave of disruption should look for early…

The world has been sheltering in place for the past several weeks to contain the outbreak of COVID-19. While we are all anxiously awaiting the reopening of the economy, it is unlikely that things will go back to normal coming out of this crisis.

Below are three observations, viral effects, that I believe will impact the way we work and move around the city. These viral effects also present an opportunity (or missed opportunity if gone unheeded) to gain step function achievements in productivity and elevate the quality of our lives:

Working from home and flexible hours will become commonplace

One silver lining from this crisis is that it…

Alcázar of Seville

Below, I will take you through an amazing 7-day trip through Andalucía and show you the best of this region based on my experience with the experts who accompanied me on this trip. From places to visit, stay, and eat to the amazing history behind it all, this will be your ultimate guide to Andalucía.

The trip was hosted by YTP, in collaboration with MainlySpain.

Before we start the journey, let’s begin with an overview of Andalucía that shows why it’s such a popular destination and it belongs to your bucket list.

A unique location

Forming a natural passage between Europe and Africa…

You really have all you need to see the world!

“I WANT to travel but”… Sound familiar? “I don’t have the time or money”. It’s so common that it’s become a cliché nowadays. However, these excuses are becoming less relevant. Millennials increasingly view vacation and time-off as nonnegotiable. Plus with increased competition amongst travel suppliers and price comparison websites at consumers’ fingertips, we can now save bundles on just about anything from flights to hotels and activities. So money is becoming less of an issue for the most part and vacation is no longer a luxury only a privileged few can afford. You might wonder then, why don’t we still…

Babak Khademi

Babak leads growth at Ridecell, a shared mobility platform enabling new business models for OEM’s and players across the automotive value chain.

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