3 ways Clean Energy will make Big Oil extinct in 12 to 32 Years — without subsidies
Nafeez Ahmed

Nice write up! Despite being a Renewable energy engineeer, i still feel the transition from fossil fuels to alternative energy needs to be gradual and a win-win for both parties. Let us not forget, the economies of our countries have been built on fossils since decades past and there are lot of individuals who work in these coal, oil and gas companies. We might have to enlighten and equip our oil, coal workers on the importance and use of renewable technologies such that we can adopt them into renewable energy companies. Countries would still need to have a balance of energy mix (of both energy sources) so that the transition effect does not become a major risk to fossil companies. This is up to political powers of countries. Also, there has to be an agreement to have more renewable energy deployment (especially in places where grid is unavailable for electricity generation) as well as in automobiles. These would allow a reduction (but not extinction) of fossils to an environmentally acceptable level.