McAfee Gonna Help FBI in Shooter iPhone case

John McAfee

Yeah we are talking about the hell going on between Apple & FBI, now Cybersecurity legend John McAfee has favored Apple in the organization’s battle against the FBI over making a secondary passage to get to the San Bernardino shooter’s bolted iPhone 5c.

Be that as it may, in light of the fact that McAfee thinks Apple shouldn’t open the cell phone doesn’t mean he supposes he shouldn’t do it.

In a public statement in regards to Tim Cook’s choice to deny the FBI ask for, McAfee has presented the administrations of his group of superhero programmers to open the iPhone — and he says it will just take them three weeks.

“Here is my offer to the FBI, I will, free of charge, decrypt the information on the San Bernardino phone, with my team,” McAfee wrote on Tech Insider. “We will primarily use social engineering, and it will take us three weeks. If you accept my offer, then you will not need to ask Apple to place a back door in its product, which will be the beginning of the end of America.”

@RafayBaloch a Pakistan known Security Researcher stated that :

Headlines are all over the place with a Federal Judge ordering apple to help FBI unlock an iPhone involved in San Bernardino’s case. The problem being that the iPhone is locked with a passcode, which can be easily brute-forced by FBI, however where the problem arrives is there is a security feature in place to erase all the data after 10 invalid login attempts.
This is where Apple has been asked to design firmware upgrades to lower the security and disable the safeguards in place which would erase the phone’s data after 10 invalid attempts and therefore allowing them to perform millions of possible combination in order to
Since, Encryption now a days is un-beatable, it is so powerful that if you take a “Password” and encrypt it with a good encryption algorithm, even if you combine the computational power of computers on the planet, you would be unable to crack it.
So now effectively what US government is doing is it is trying to inject backdoors in the current technology, Making things delibrity insecure on the purpose. The same was what was done with “Skype”. Skype used to be “Peer-to-Peer” (P2P) communication mechanism, however now it is no longer a P2P and all communications must pass through Microsoft’s server.

McAfee’s hacker squad

McAfee’s elite team of hackers is supposedly comprised of the best prodigies on the planet. Only 25 percent are actually hardcore coders, while the rest are social engineers. Still, McAfee is supremely confident they’re up for the task.

“I would eat my shoe on the Neil Cavuto show if we could not break the encryption on the San Bernardino phone, McAfee said. “This is a pure and simple fact.”

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