11 ways Pakistani universities should transform to adopt the startup culture.
Ali Ashraf

It’s a matter of incentives. Doctors in Pakistan make money when you get sick. So they depend on giving you a solution that will stop working at least 2–3 times a year. In contrast, doctors in HK make money when you’re healthy. So they share advice & fixes that keep you out of bed and away from their clinics.

Similarly, schools in Pakistan are churning out PhD’s and MBA’s because the HEC values quantity over quality. Schools exist to turn a profit first. If schools were ranked by the # of job placements (with salaries that constitute the entire cost of education) then the incentives would line up. Parents are enrolling their kids in schools so they can get jobs. Schools don’t care if you get a job, you best pay them on time. But if the HEC says that “any school that ensures its graduates are employed within 30 days of graduation” they will be ranked higher, get a tax break, get a bonus, get an award (etc), you’ll see the schools & universities change dramatically overnight.

You can blame the HEC, but I like to think that just because the HEC has bad metrics, it doesn’t mean you burn your customers.