A False Sense Of Achievements

Quixotic Cogitations Part 2

The idea of achievement has always fascinated me. We are all working towards achieving some goal in our lives. In fact, everything we do is expected to lead towards some sort of an achievement and if it doesn’t then it is termed useless. Is that fair?

Being a writer I would love to put forth this idea before you by giving you an example related to writing. There are millions of books which have been published in the world but the number of writers who’ve gained international fame and have earned respect and admiration for their work are just a handful. So, does that make the work of all the other million authors pointless? Do all their efforts go waste just because they have been unable to gain fame and get prestigious awards for their work? In the eyes of most of the people of this world, such writers are not realistic and they have wasted away their lives in pursuit of something they are not capable of achieving. I can’t help but think just how wrong are all those people. They refuse to see the whole picture and are just blinded by the pleasures and honors of this materialistic world.

There are quite a few famous writers in today’s time, who started out with true passion for writing but ended up as victims of blankness,repetitiveness and lack of creativity. Most of their work after gaining fame is always written along the same lines as that of the novels which helped them succeed. They fear that their new work may be disliked and they will be thrown of the pedestal they’ve been made to sit on. To maintain their position, they play it safe and stick to topics which will please the audiences or non controversial topics. The quality of their writing skills remains the same but the boldness and the variety fades slowly and slowly until finally it fades out of existence. This pattern is seen mostly among professionals belonging to the creative line like journalists, designers, authors, choreographers, painters, actors,etc. to name a few. Fame has the power to corrupt the habits of our mind and body and of changing our perspective. One needs to be very strong willed to avoid being tempted and spoiled by it. On the other hand, we see the authors who are toiling to improve the quality of their work, working on all kinds of topics without worrying about what the audience will think and then loosing themselves in the process. They are able to do this because they are yet not the victims of the judging eye and mind of the world and they’ve not yet achieved things they would fear losing. So, from the two who is the person who has actually achieved? The famous authors whose content becomes too monotonous or the not so famous authors who has had the pleasure of writing without the fear of losing but with a vision that his work will be recognized someday. Hard to say as it differs depending on a persons perspective.

However, I would agree with the latter. It would be better to be a nobody who has power over his words and thoughts rather than being a somebody whose out to impress everybody. Now, with this simple example I guess what I am trying to say is that since we’ve attached and made achievement in the form of awards, fame, etc. compulsory, we aren’t able to give our best to what we do. This is because we are constantly under pressure of being judged, criticized and shamed for our work if we stray away from the usual array of topics and speak and do something creative and different which might be against the norms set by society. These rules were created to keep us in check and to maintain law and order in society. Instead, we are being treated as slaves by the people who have worked to reach the position from where they can manipulate them. Dedication towards ones passion,irrespective of the outcome is also an achievement but its not recognized in society as it does not confer awards upon you and neither does it give you fame or money. We have categorized achievement into big and small and we are always in the race to achieving more than all those around us. What is the point of it all when at the end of the line we’ve lost the essence and importance for our passion? All our materialistic gains will continue to be displayed in their glass cases and admired by people but what about our souls? We’ve lost our passion along the way and no matter how hard we try, to get it back is impossible. All we are left with is a false sense of achievement and pride which we finally learn to live with as we have no other option left to choose. A question to all my readers. What are we pursuing and what makes us feel that achieving it will make us any happier? When the most important things of our lives are lost along the way!


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