Beyond Desire

He walked with his head lowered. The bright light from his smartphone shining on his face. He scrolled through several articles, adding them to his list for reading later. He heard the sound of laughter echoing from all the bars and hotels on the bustling street. It was 12.30 am on a Friday night.

Standing there he wondered what was wrong with him ? Why couldn't he just be like the rest ? He was just 22 and while everyone else partied and enjoyed themselves, he read and spent the rest of his time writing or taking solitary walks. He longed for something, maybe someone but the emptiness didn't help him figure it out.

Is going against the tide and being who you are so wrong? What if he let this fear of being left out dictate his life? He would end up being alone in the crowd rather than being truly alone. With nothing particularly wrong he used to have this feeling of depression wash over him. He anxiously started typing on his phone’s memo pad. At a speed which only could have been acquired with extensive and extended hours of typing on his phone.

This perfectly safe and practical life was killing him. He wanted a taste of novelty and some madness. After all wasn’t brilliance possible only after a touch of madness was added to it? Reaching home he locked himself in his room. Opening the cupboard he brought out a bottle of whisky and poured himself a glass. With one shot it was burning down his throat making his eyes water.. The alcohol washed itself away but it left him behind. Unmasked and naked. His eyes burning with passion and desire. Pouring himself another glass he fired up his laptop.

The time to change his life had come. It was either today or never.

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