By The Poolside Part One

It was cool summer night. The moon shown brightly and everything seemed so serene and calm. He glanced at his wrist watch impatiently. Sleep seemed impossible. He had gone for a meeting at a famous Gymkhana with his colleagues. They had wrapped up with the meeting and had all decided to go for drinks. The bar was by the pool and it was just the perfect place to relax and let the drinks work their magic. He ordered for a glass of cold vodka and waited looking at the pool while the bartender made his drink. He heard his friends talking about women, family, cribbing about their wives and showing of their latest gadgets. It didn’t interest him and as the drink was made he started to sip it quietly, feeling the vodka burning his throat and spreading into his chest giving him a warm sensation. Suddenly, in the distance he saw the water move and saw someone swimming towards the edge of the pool. He was surprised as he had been constantly gazing at the pool, while sipping onto his drink. He continued looking and tried to figure out if it was a boy or a girl.

His vision felt blurry and he rubbed his eyes profusely. Perhaps, it was the vodka or he was too tired. He got up and headed towards his room. He entered his room and his temples were throbbing. He decided to go in for a warm shower. After, the shower he felt himself relaxing and went and settled comfortably on the couch. It was cozy and as he looked outside the window, he realized it looked right over the pool. He could see the moons reflection in the pool and it looked very beautiful. His eyes wandered and moved upwards and suddenly he saw a robe. He looked away and saw a girl sitting on one of the chairs and looking at the sky. He felt a curious sort of an impulse to go and speak to her. He continued to look at her and the more he looked the more he felt like talking to her. He decided against it but finally gave in and decided to go downstairs and try speaking to her.

He locked the door of his room and made his way by the poolside. There was no one besides her. He felt a little nervous. He asked himself what was he doing out here, in the middle of the night, trying to speak to a girl he had never seen before? This was not like him. He reached close to where she was sitting. Casually, he took one of the chairs at the opposite table and sat down. She turned her head and looked at him. He felt himself freeze. She looked at him with an imploring gaze and then without a wink turned away. He was still rigid with awe. She was absolutely gorgeous.

She had glanced at him briefly and must have not given much thought to what she saw but as for him, he was mesmerized. Those dark brown eyes appeared playful and yet they seemed to hold a dark secret behind them. Her skin was white like marble and she had the face of a Greek Goddess. Her hair were wet and tangled and were brown with shades of light and dark. The mouth was set in a straight line and only the corners of it had turned when she had seen his face. The moon shone right at her face and made her skin appear as smooth as satin. She wore a long sleeveless dress with patterns of flowers and a greenish hue to it. He could just gape and kept looking at her in wonder. He had been with beautiful women before, but beauty of such an exquisite nature was so rare that he was spellbound. He could see her looking at him from the corner of eyes. He held her gaze when she turned to face him. Her tangled wet hair dropped onto her shoulders and she looked at him with her dreamy eyes which looked defiant now. He had probably given her the wrong message with all that staring. He cleared his throat and started to speak, when with a slight upward tilt of the head she rose to her feet, gathered her things and walked away. He sat behind looking like a dumb witted fool. All he could think of was how perfectly the dress clung onto her body, complimenting her curves and her youthful body. Her hips swayed in perfect sync and her walk was gracefully sexy. All he could do was just stare with a stupid smile on his face.

Next morning, his friends got ready to leave and were checking out of their rooms. In the meanwhile, he had spoken to the manager and got the room booked for another three days. He was in no mood to for work. As he left with his colleagues for work, he anxiously glanced around for a glimpse of her. He was worried that he had imagined it all. After all, he was pretty drunk last night. He shook his head and headed towards the company car which had come to pick them. A pair of deep dark brown eyes watched him the whole time. They lips were curled at the corners in a mischievous smile. She drew the curtains and lay on the bed and waited for him to return. She was sure he would come back. For her.

The whole day passed and things seemed slower than usual. Like everything was frozen in time and he waited anxiously for evening to arrive. His meeting with the investors had gone well but instead of having a celebratory feast with his friends in the canteen, he went outside for a smoke. He inhaled the smoke deeply and thought what spell had this mystery girl cast upon him that he couldn’t stop thinking about her all day. From a distance, the fire from the tip of cigarette shown like a beacon in the creeping darkness. It resembled the same spark when they saw each other and which turned more bright and powerful each time the wind blew making it tower higher and higher above the ground. He threw the stub onto the ground and started walking back in to collect his coat and make his way back to the hotel.

He felt numb all the way to the hotel and even as his car pulled up in the driveway he couldn’t shake of this feeling. He wondered that would she still be there by the poolside the way she was yesterday? He waited no more and quickly made his way to the poolside area of the hotel. As he reached the zone where they were sitting he saw that no one was there. However, he thought that maybe it was too early and she would come a little later. He decided to sit down on one of the chairs and wait for her to arrive. Moments passed and nothing happened. All he could hear was the buzzing sound made by the crickets in the garden close by and he could see the ripples in the pool. After a casual glance at the pool, he realised that how was it possible that ripples were forming in the pool on such a warm night with wind which could barely move a leaf let alone cause slight ripples in the pool. It was then that he saw her. The waters as if governed by some unseen force parted and from between them emerged her head and he could see the hands of water caressing her beautiful body right from her face down to her neck and passing over her breasts, sliding down her back and her long beautiful legs. Her entire body was glistening and she looked like she had been carved of marble. She looked at him with a small smile on her face and while wiping her hair, she walked over to him and put one leg on the side of his chair and leaned forward with her neckline plunging and looked him in the eyes and asked him why was he here. He didn’t know what to say and he just stared back at her dumbfounded. All the air of machismo he had felt earlier during the day as he thought about meeting her faded away like the landscapes in the dark. He had nothing to say and he could feel him self sweating profusely. She stood straight and arched her back and let out a small laugh. He was still too dazed to say anything and all he could see was her go in the changing room to get changed. As he saw her disappear along the corner on her way to the changing room, he got up and rushed to the bar and ordered some vodka with ice. He needed to settle his nerves for her mere presence and this time the closeness that he could feel her breath on his face had unnerved him. He placed the icy glass over his forehead and told himself to calm down. He could hear footsteps and he prepared to turn around and speak to her with all his confidence and charm. On turning he found one of the staff walking towards him. He sighed and thought what a fool he was when the waiter handed him a Smart Key to one of the grand suites in the hotel along with a letter. He thanked him and gave him a 100 bucks as a tip. He then unfolded the letter and read a sentence which said, 'Meet me in my room’. He was certainly not expecting things to escalate at this speed. Here he was standing in a hotel where he had been only once and now he was being invited by this gorgeous young woman and next what? He drained his glass and slowly got up to make the walk to her room. He asked one of the staff the way to the room and slowly staggered till her door.

He stood and hesitated a little before he inserted the card into the slot and unlocked the door. He then drew a deep breath before pushing it aside and entering the room. It was dark except for a warm glow coming from one end of the room. He walked towards it and by the electric fire with a she was sitting with a cup pressed onto her lips. The warm glow of the electric fire shown on her face as she looked at him and beckoned him to sit on the chair next to her. She asked him if he was attracted to her. He said yes and she smiled at his bewilderment. She then asked him if she would ask him to do something for her would he do it? He answered yes as though he were in a trance.

-Babar Mir

The next part will be published shortly.

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