Final Note.

Before I begin I would like to make one thing clear. This is not a usual rant. About love or about relations. This is about me and what I and along with me everyone who goes through this should do. The picture above is for myself. From MYSELF.

We are all unhappy. Many of may deny that, but it’s true. 
It’s a habit. We refuse to face life as it is and instead divulge in a load of crap which ultimately leads to nothing but complications. The sad part is that all the while we suffer, it is completely in our hands to change our fate.

I’ve been there. In fact, I’m still there as I’m realizing this and writing about it. I’ve always wanted to live a life of meaning. A life on my own terms. Terms which I now realize were the reason behind my unhappiness. It was because of them that I felt that life owed me everything that I expected from it. I would dream about it and hope that the law of attraction and my faith was all I needed. It was enough and all my dreams would materialize from a wish.

So, spending a long time wishing for things to magically happen I have wasted years, months and even days with no results. Sure, I lead a pretty good life and I have more than most and a life many would dream about. But then what about that growing feeling of despair, loneliness and that void which I feel in my heart? What can I do to stop the pain and unhappiness that comes from it?

Well, for starters I’ve come to understand that wishes are useless unless your sure of what you want. I know this from experience. Losing meaning, understanding, experience and eventually even the one I love, I’ve finally realized. It hurts a lot. But doesn’t mean that I can’t change the way I feel. I’ve cared and cared and tried to please everyone and do everything perfectly. Sacrificing, giving and choosing everyone over myself I’ve landed up here. Full of hatred, unsatisfied and heartbroken. I’m no saint myself. None of us are.

Patiently, I was giving everyone a chance. A chance to hurt me and move ahead. Listening to everyone I forgot how I used to listen to my heart when I was younger. Now, I had not only shut myself out from everyone but I had shut myself out as well.

Until, with sheer will I’ve made it back to the surface. The wave of change is here. Change and freedom which I’ve been thinking about. Forever! Writing is my solace, the only place where I’m free. So, I choose myself today. Setting myself free from all the pain, hatred and heart break. It’s been a burden which was only growing heavier as I slowly inched ahead. Watching the world pass me by helplessly.

Don't let yourself get hurt. Don't let yourself be used. Love who you are because there is no one else like you. Hoping and waiting for love is useless. It'll come along and maybe it may not be the person you love. But someone way better. Many of us hesitate in matters of the heart. What if I can't let go? Well, then you need to at least try. If anyone has genuinely felt what love is will know that when your in love, you feel free. Then why is that once your together and in love, you set limits? Only to wonder that why thing's didn't work and then blame love itself. When it was us all the while. I've done the same so I'm not just saying. It's not easy and trust me it never will be.

Nothing will be easy. But getting through the difficulties is what makes us. Stronger and better. Just remember one thing. Your not here to decide what others think about you. Or to control anything or anyone. Your here for yourself. To do what you love, remain in love and to be happy. Making yourself happy will only make the ones around you happier. This I believe is the way we can stop complaining about how life has been unfair and not given us a chance and start being content. Life has always been giving us a chance but we were blind. Never to see it when everything we wanted was right there. So, everyone whose read this I hope my experiences match your own and you’ll do whatever it is that’s been holding you’ll. From choosing yourself ☺

-Babar Mir

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