I’ll Love You Till The End

As I fell in love with her my flaws were forgotten.

She made me believe that I could be loved,

that I was different from the rest but also someone she could trust.

I believed her because I hated the truth.

My truth about who I really could be.

I should have heard myself when I was hunted down by my demons,

but instead, I let her fall in love with me.

Today I sit here writing this poem,

trying to tell her that this is not how I wanted our story to be.

I know she believes me,

but I’ve lost all faith in myself.

It is for her sake and because I love her that I keep trying,

to get up and love her like she deserves to be all over again.

When I tell her that maybe she might leave me,

it’s not because I don’t trust her

or believe in her love.

I just felt I had become unworthy,

for being the one who hurt her just because he could.

I wish she didn’t have to see me in this state,

I wish I was not the reason behind her lost smile.

When I loved her I had only one reason,

to spend all my life with her by my side.

-Babar Mir