The Actual Meaning Of Support.

We are all social by nature. The technological advancements now even help the introverts to express themselves through social media and blogs. But what is that we look for in all these individuals around us? It’s only one thing and that is support. We are all a little insecure and misunderstood and all we need is someone who supports especially when everyone else seems to have no faith in us. A person who’ll make you believe in yourself and someone whose there to support you even after you’ve taken a wrong decision. I’ve noticed that when we do something our friends or families don’t approve off and fail at it then we get to hear the 'I told you soo' line right after we tell them what happened. But would it be bad if we tell the person that things are going to be fine without highlighting the fact that we had advised them against it? It’s not tough and you’ll notice the positive impact such an attitude will have on both the people involved. We have to become the hands which uplift our friends & family when they’ve gone astray. Someone they can look upto knowing they won’t be judged for their mistakes but embraced and encouraged to forge a new path ahead in thier lives. Many people feel that why do things which cause you to land in such a situation. My answer for them is that if each person doesn’t head out to discover and unravel the mysteries of their destinies then they’ll never learn from their experiences and their lives will become meaningless. Our job is to explore life & live without regrets and be a support for everyone who has the courage to pursue their desires.

-Babar Mir

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