Like A River

While reading a book I came across a quote, 
it spoke about setting the ones you love free and yet how to not lose hope.
It spoke about pain and it spoke about hurt.
I remember all the pain that you caused me,
yes, I remember how it stung like a knife stabbed right in my heart.
Your indifference like a malicious twist to deepen the wound.
Despite everything, I am the river that flows right into the sea,
losing itself in its vastness and grandeur,
unable to let go knowing that soon it won’t breathe.

Understand that there is nothing beautiful,
in giving up your freedom and your individuality.
The river does it and it flows each day with passion,
mixing its pure waters into the troubled deepness of the sea.
An act of love overseen by nature,
under its simplicity, there can be forged many meanings.
I too feel like the river,
in the throes of my passion, I seek to be loved by you,
I know it won’t be easy but I am just like that river.
My life will lose meaning if I am meant to carry on without you,
the love for you which courses through my veins would be lost,
deep in the cracks that your departure would bring,
sheathing my soul naked, 
leaving it crying desperately,
the pleas for you to stay lost in the din.