Love On A New Year Night

Everyone still believes in the idea of love. So it is not unusual, that they wish to kiss the one they love at midnight on New Year. There are posts telling single people to stay strong. Giving them hope that it will all be fine one day. That they too, will find someone with whom they can share this intimate moment.

Today as I write this, I know who I love. It is only after hearing her voice, I decided to continue writing this. All may not experience or know this, but what hurts more is when the one you love can’t be there with you. When you are not just looking for the intimacy, but even a glimpse of her would suffice. It is not all those posts which give you hope, but the sound of her voice that changes everything.

When nothing stops you from being with that special someone, you can’t possibly imagine what it is like to not be with them. As for the ones who are alone, they miss something that they’ve never had the chance to experience. But when you know what it’s like being with that special person, it breaks your heart being away from them.

But do we want to fall in love only to experience the intimacy? It won’t always just be magical and intimate. There will be other phases and sometimes it will not at all be what you expect it be. She may be nothing like you expected, her love for you will be hard to decipher at times. You may not get to meet her as often, speak to her as much and sometimes she may simply want nothing to do with you at all.

Despite everything, if you still first think about what makes her happy. If you patiently love her through all of this, she will eventually be more than what you could have possibly imagined. If you continue to hope that one day she will be there with you every New Year’s Eve, you know that you truly love her. A love which is platonic and so intimate at the time, that even the distance can’t change how you feel.