Never Before

Never before could desire have been so strong, 
Never before could my heart have been so wrong. 
Never before could I have loved someone this way, 
Never before has my heart been moulded like it’s made of clay. The only reason for which to God I pray, 
Is that the colour of our love shouldn’t ever turn gray.

Love takes away our ability to think and bestows us with unending reserves of hope & courage. The dazzling brown color of her irises reflect upon me how she feels while the glum look on her face are a reminder of the pain she endures. She stands soaked in sunlight, her hair pulled up looking like a tangled mess of a glowing reddish brown colour. The sunlight illuminates her visage and accentuates the lines of her face, the angle of her perfect nose and her wide forehead. A feeling of dread finds it’s way into my heart, into the void within occupied by thoughts of her. As she stands basking in the sunlight, my world disappears into a fog of illusion. The fog is my love and she is the illusion where no matter what I do she evades my reach and I continue to explore the dark and each step takes me away from the light until finally, I’m truly alone like never before.

I sense her form next to mine, and feel her hot breath against rhe nape of my neck. My ramblings in the dark come to an end when I sense her eyes devouring my very presence and the close proximity of our bodies cause a sharp blast in the dark and I emerge from the dark realm of love.

-Babar Mir

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