Nothing has changed

Nothing has changed,

I whispered silently.

It was a lie and knew that I was only hurting myself.

It's funny how we went from being so close to just friends,

It's funny how nothing changes but yet nothing feels the same again.

I'm not at a loss of words ever since,

I'm just lost in thought about what should be said when.

No, she didn't ask me to change.

No, it was not her but my inability.

I couldn't love her without hurting her,

I couldn't miss her without distancing her.

I wish I could be sweet without being rude,

How I wish I could make myself and her laugh without be soo crude!

Her laughter is pain disguised as joy,

My jokes are like taunts which I deliver while being coy.

They are like a undetected shards of glass.

Drawing blood without a sign,

Killing a person's soul and yet making them say it's fine.

Nothing has changed I tell myself,

But I know must accept the truth eventually,

Else, all that we've through for each other won't end well.

-Babar Mir