We're all been searching for contentment, 
Every moment spent looking closely, 
Searching for a clue, 
To all our answers.

I chose to stay, 
Perplexed with the growing intensity, 
Of built up frustrations, 
Blaming their actions, 
On the search for peace!

The stillness spoke to me, 
Moving me beyond physical realms, 
Into the dimension of inner peace, 
Showing and teaching me,
That the place of my search, 
Was wrong to begin with...

Look into the pool of your reflections, 
Shaken up with ripples. 
What if we stop aiming pebbles, 
At the places we want to be, 
Only to realize it's not out journey, 
Or the destination, 
Just what we feel deep within...

-Babar Mir

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