During summers, I would sit on the windowsill in my room and look at the kids playing in the compound. I would look back to see how I used to be that way.

It was during those times, I was playing cricket in my building, when my eye caught a movement in the building next to mine. Someone was peeping and watching us from the window. I knew that house but I didn’t know the person who was watching us. Looking around I asked one of my friends that did they know the girl standing at the window there. They didn’t.

I couldn’t take my mind off her. Her face was embedded in my memory. Smitten, I decided to ask the girl who lived there about her. Later that evening, I saw Nikita strolling in her building. She was with the mystery girl. Taking a deep breath I called her over. I was hoping that she would come along with that girl but she didn’t.

She asked me what was the matter. I shyly asked her about that girl with her. She smiled and looked at me asking me why did I want to know. Flustered, I told her that never mind and that I didn’t want to know. She simply shrugged her shoulders and started walking away. My heart sunk as I saw her turning around. Before I could turn to leave she said, "Come over to my house tonight at 7.00 pm. She’ll be there. You can ask her name yourself." She smiled and walked away.

I couldn’t believe it. Thinking about it, I realized how happy I had been. The feeling was unlike anything I had ever felt in my life. We never did end up meeting because she had not been able make it that day. I just knew that I never felt the same way again.

Except for today.