The Dream

Your love was one of my dreams 
A dream I wished would come true 
Now that you're standing right before me 
I simply don't know what to do!

I've watched you and I've loved you from afar 
Just a simple guy from the crowd 
Why would you love me?
Why would you care?
These were thoughts which stopped me 
From stripping my feelings naked right there.

I never believed in good fortune 
Until you came along in my life 
Though the distance between us hurts me 
Just being your friend makes me smile.

These feelings have made me a wreck 
My heart now belongs to you 
If only you knew what I really meant 
Every time I said I love you 
Then you would have known how I felt 
When I watched you from the crowd.

You are beautiful and amazing 
The girl with the biggest heart I've ever known 
I wish you had left some space for me in there 
Or given me a hint to make my feelings known.

We are in love now and despite that I can't shake away this feeling 
That one day your heart will maybe not be with me 
And that the love you feel for me 
Will be dead and gone.

I want you to stay but I know I have to set you free 
My love was never supposed to bind you 
It was to let you be free.

Bear me with my imperfections 
Care for me even when I am not there 
Love me when you'd rather hate me 
Because you know that had it been you in my situation 
I would be standing by your side 
Holding your hand and telling you that I'm there.