Thoughts About Life

I’ve been thinking about our actions during complex situations. Many of us don’t react or take action as expected by the people around us. In some situations, we might be wrong. However, we can’t be wrong each and every time. Let me tell you why. I believe that any action irrespective of how worthless and senseless it may seem to the world around us is not wrong. Provided that the intention behind the action was solely for the best interests of the opposite person. One quality that most of us lack as humans is that we expect more and refuse to look beyond what we actually see through our eyes. We’ve refused to feel and in matters of the heart we ask for evidence. Nothing wrong with that but our biggest mistake is that we expect that the proof of the other person’s love for us must be the way we expect it to be which is selfish on our part. We must learn to love people as they are and we must learn to embrace and see their love in their way because that’s the beauty of it. There are million ways through which a person can express and there is no right way or wrong way when it comes to love. We can positively impact any person and bring about certain changes in them. However, if we wish to change someone close to us completely then what is that we liked about them in the first place?

We must expect less and let every one we know be their unique crazy self. Try it out and you’ll see how wonderfully blessed you are to have all these people as a part of your lives.

-Babar Mir

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