Why We Choose Complications

We are all one day weighed down by life. When everything around is overwhelming. Our actions contradicting our thoughts create a maze. Losing ourselves and searching for a way out, we go deeper and deeper. Until, we are confined within these walls from everyone who cares. Enough to make it into this mess, only if we let them.

I’ve often wondered why we do what we do. Why do we punish ourselves by not letting ourselves be loved? 
We hurt the ones who care deeply and love the ones who make us weep. It makes no sense but in matters of the heart, nothing does. The mind knows what the heart can’t comprehend but we’ve given the mind only one liberty.

The liberty of confusion. Remaining in a ridiculous conflict with our feeling’s, we expect the worst out of our best relations. While on the other hand giving our best to the worst relations.

Does it have to be that confusing? It doesn’t. Then why do we do all we do, knowing where we’re headed. Knowing that everything around us will crash down. The walls will collapse, the people will break and what about us? 
Well, we do what we do best. We’ll pick our broken pieces. With no intention of putting them back together. We’ll salvage what we can from the mass grave of our life and make false assurances. Making through this plot of mass murder. Unknowingly and foolishly leading to a massacre again.

Life can be simple. We can choose simple. But complications give us a thrill. The anguish makes us taste a sweet kind of victory. Walls between us and our loved ones make us value them more.

What should we choose then?? The anguish or temporary happiness which only brings us pain?
Do we have to make a choice at all?

-Babar Mir

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