AP Photo/Association of Surfing Professionals, Kirstin Scholtz

Riding the productivity wave

Gather that energy and Kamehameha it

We’ve all been there - one week you’re making great stuff, kicking joker’s butt, making the world a better place …and the next week you’re a scrolling, binge drinking, cat gif collecting, zelda replaying leather chair potato.

New episodes of your favourite tv shows just came out


Face it - everything has ups and downs. That’s the way universe works. Alpha and omega. Day and night. Plus and minus. Glee and Mad men. Broccoli and a giant cheeseburger.

Reality check

If you try to really force yourself into doing anything you don’t feel like doing in life, you’ll burn out eventually. And in the long run, that’s not good for anyone. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t cut a weeks worth of sleep because you’re working on that awesome product. Because we all know it’s worth it. I’m just saying it shouldn’t be every week.

Own your time

“If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.”
― not Henry Ford

Chill. Stop beating yourself up.

It’s fine.

What the world needs is awesome things. Not you working from 9 to 5 every day. Don’t let yourself do nothing for two weeks just for the sake of it but if you really don’t feel like working, that 8 forced hours of sitting in front of the screen (usually) won’t do any good to anyone.

Don’t let yourself become mediocre; don’t settle down, but realise that as much as you need sleep to compensate the being awake you do need that down time in order to make great things.

For just the lazy ones

Go and do some fucking work.

Wait for it. Waaait for it. Charge. ZWOOOOSH!