Dropque, Revolutionary Video Interviewing Solution

As the world increasingly embrace visual communication, the traditional method of paper CV becomes inefficient for both recruiters and job seekers. Applicants crave a better way to express themselves while recruiters want to know more about candidates early on.

Moreover, Information on CVs can be falsified to give bloated impression do not give a cue into job seekers’ personalities. This results in a major pain for recruiters because he spends long hours sifting through CV applications yet he can’t get a feel of seekers to make quality shortlist. These led us to build Dropque.

Dropque is a simple one-way video interviewing solution that helps applicants showcase their personalities and help recruiters streamline the process while showcasing company culture. It’s a mobile App for seekers and elaborate web platform for recruiters. It removes the everyday headaches associated with preliminary interviews: Interviewers and candidates are not always online at the same time or within same timezone, saving you the hassle of scheduling interviews, having no shows or meeting grossly unsuitable candidates.

With tailored screening questions, you are able to immediately knock out unfit candidates who do not meet company culture and interview criteria, selecting only the most suitable, thus tremendously raising the efficiency of recruitment and overall quality of shortlists.

In addition, Dropque allows you to meet the best candidates earlier in the process, see their fit, personality, drive and motivation while saving time and money.

For now, the service is recruiter-facing. Once the recruiter signs he can access the elaborate dashboard where he receives and manages video applications. To create a interview on Dropque, he clicks the ‘Create Interview’ button, gives the title of the position, a short description(minimum academic/professional requirement, available slots, etc), provides instruction to candidates , and adds necessary tags to the job. If he has a list of candidates for the job, he is able to directly invite them to respond to the job by adding their emails.

After creating job interviews, he sets tailored questions about the job. It’s important to say that each question can be made to have specific recording time(a way of setting uniformity among seekers).

Post that, the recruiter gets candidates to respond to the job in two ways. First, if he included candidates’ emails while creating the job, the candidates immediately receive invite with appropriate job id in the their mailbox to access the job on the Dropque mobile App. Also, the recruiter can append the job id to vacancy adverts, requesting candidate to easily apply via Dropque App.

Using job token supplied by recruiter, candidates can take the interview with Dropque mobile App. The App is designed with elegantly simple interface to allow ease of use.

After token is provided by the applicants, the app fetches interview details as well as profile of the company that created it.

Candidate sees details of the interview and apply directly by recording a video for each question. All videos can be previewed and recorded as many times as possible before before submission.

Video communication on Dropque is real-time, the hiring manager gets submissions immediately applicant sends them, making decision making fast.

Please joins us as we redefine preliminary screening of recruiting globally. For more about Dropque, feel free to check out www.dropque.com or send an email to mustapha@dropque.com