Evolution of enterprise software development and usage

Today, running businesses smoothly without the use of information technology is inevitable. Most business owners that try to go on without technology face major setbacks in terms of productivity.

An Enterprise Application Software is computer software used to satisfy the needs of an organization rather than individual users. Such organizations would include businesses, schools, interest-based user groups, clubs, charities, or governments. Enterprise software is an integral part of a (computer-based) information system.

It’s no news that software development is now web-based, which makes it easier to use and manage.

Software as a Product (SaaP) vs. Software as a Service (SaaS)

Enterprise Application Software is a gigantic business application which would take lots of time (months/years) and resources to develop in order to cover the customer’s business needs. Right from onset, applications are developed and the license is sold to a specific customer or business owner. This is called Software as a Product (SaaP). As a business user, you pay for the whole software and depending on deal, you pay more for support and maintenance. This scares off business owners as situations like this makes software so expensive and time consuming. Trust me, you don’t want that either.

However, over the years, software companies have tried solving these kinds of problems by coming up with what is called a Software as a Service — (SaaS). A software provided as a service is centrally made available to the world and all users can access and use the same system. An example is SalesForce, where you are billed monthly per user to use their cloud CRM software. This is a lot cheaper and you would be set up in no time. But this has it’s own drawbacks as well.

Problems with SaaS

Security Issues: Don’t assume your company’s sensitive data would be safe when you’re using the same software alongside with other numerous users on the planet. There could be system crashes, security breach or any form of disaster. Of course most SaaS vendors claim to have data backups and tight security, but who knows.

Custom upgrades are not possible: All SaaS user use the same version of the software irrespective of what their businesses are all about. For this reason, no SaaS user can request for an upgrade to support a specific aspect of his business. You’re just going to have to keep using the same software that doesn’t fully match-up with your business needs or opt out.

Sole-dependency is not advised: You should not rely on a SaaS for any application your company cannot do business without. If your company or business is in this situation, a self hosted application would be the best choice.

See 12 issues you need to know about software-as-a-service for more.

Way forward

The main problems now boil down to:

  • High cost of purchase (SaaP)
  • Time consuming (SaaP)
  • Security Issues (SaaS)
  • No full control on the application (SaaS)

If developing any piece of software from scratch is not good due to cost and time factor and using a software provided as a service isn’t good enough either, there’s only one option left. An existing software can be upgraded to meet your business needs. This would be securely self-hosted and managed. This would drastically reduce the cost and time of production. And most importantly, your data is safe, secure and you can upgrade anytime as your business grows. But that comes to the question of which IT company is out there that can offer such services. Bizthrive Solution offers such services.

Bizthrive Solution is an IT company that specializes in enterprise application software development, management and maintenance. They will analyze your business, offer you the best recommendations, update existing software to suit your business needs and host and manage it for you. At the end of the day, Bizthrive Solution will be the best choice because you will get:

  • Highly reduced cost of ownership of your application
  • Set up in little or no time
  • Full control on the software as
  • It is self-hosted for you
  • It can upgrade anytime as you need
  • It’s highly secured and less prone to disaster

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