Good Bye My Love

I woke up from a pretty short sleep and for the first time in I don’t know how many years you weren’t the first thing on my mind. It was different and not to sure if I really liked it or not. I sat up and started thinking about what to do. It was like I realized that it wasn’t all a dream and you are truly not gonna be there like you were always supposed to be. It made me sad but I didn’t heart and mind are on the same page now it seems.

So now life has went from plural to singular...from ours to mine. It still seems so foreign to me. It was never supposed to be just me without you. But the universe has a different plan and one must now become two and go separate ways. The memories shared will always bring smiles and with time the sadness that still lingers in my eyes will fade as well. The dreams and wishes will change from old to new ones as each of us build our own separate life.

The love that I hold for you...that I shall hold close always and cherish for a lifetime. Because it was you that showed me what love truly is. And that love you shared it will never belong to another, it is and will forever be yours.

The future holds so many different possibilities from what it did a short time ago. I don’t know Where this new path might lead or if our paths will ever lead back to each other. But in this moment i know that I am going to be ok and though it’s hard to move forward without you I know I have the strength to do so.

Thank you for showing me what true love is, for the memories I will treasure, and the passion that can never be matched. You are truly a special soul who will always hold my heart. I do hope you find happiness along the way and every once in awhile just think of me and smile. Because I know that I shall do the same with you. And just know that no matter where I am...wether it be tomorrow, a year from now or ten...if you ever need a helping hand...mine will always be open. Until that time, my love, please take care and travel safe.

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