Ten tips when choosing smocked clothing for children (part 3)

Total five tips for choosing smocked clothing for children have been shared in the first two parts. As promised, in this part, I will reveal more tips, two for exactly. Please keep following.

Over accessorize

Babies should not have too many things pinned, clipped or designed into their smocked clothing. Besides the possible dangers it can create, such as swallowing, poking and using it to hurt other kids, it can also be a nightmare to keep track of. Babies and kids smocked clothing fashion should be limited to just simple add on accessories.

Over matching clothes

This can be a nightmare to look at. One color outfits are already quite overwhelming; adding bold prints and designs that come with everything matching is just too much of a distraction to pull off. Although some parents may find it cute to dress their babies and kids identically, some variation would be good advice to heed.

There, the next two tips have been revealed as promised in the previous part. There are only three out of ten tips when choosing smocked clothing for children left. Please wait for the last part for them.

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