The Pros and Cons of Being A Web Cam Model (In 2020)

Advantages of Being a Web Cam Model

How I felt after my first paycheck from Chaturbate

“Making money is the main reason I became a web cam model while I was in college.

I needed a fast way to make money to pay my rent, tuition fees and have money to spend when I went out with my friends.

I felt embarrassed constantly having to borrow money from my friends and parents and struggling to pay them back.

Once I started making money as web cam girl, I knew this was the job for me“ — Melanie K

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Cons of Being A Web Cam Model

The key with Chaturbate is putting in the work — to get consistent views and built a fan base, which will allow you to increase your income.

The more fans you have, the more money you can make. Especially if the fans are loyal.

For myself and most cam models I know, it takes anywhere from 2 to 4 months to make a good side hustle to low 4 figure income, and 4 to 12 months to make a stable full time income in the 4 to 5 figure range.

If you want to become a teacher, doctor, or lawyer or build a professional career, becoming a web cam model is not the best choice
Kendra Lust




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