when i ask some yt people have they seen ‘get out’ and they’re just like “no…anyways”

i think yt people are uncomfortable and i really feel like y’all should channel the uncomfortableness into having an honest, internalized discussion about why you feel uncomfortable. because it might be because you don’t want to see traits of yourself in the movie because you WILL.

even the “wokest” (hate using this term but it’s 2017 culture lmao) white person (which also doesn’t exist) will find aspects of themselves in ‘get out’, even if it’s their “past” self. i just need all yt people to realize that they’re inherently racist, it’s just the way it works because of modern day white supremacy and institutionalized racism. this doesn’t mean you are inherently a bad person automatically, it just means you have to work hard to subdue the racism in you that comes out consciously and subconsciously. this may startle some peeps and make some peeps mad but *shrug*

anywho, i really need yt people to stop being so uncomfortable when racism comes up that they shut down. (and this goes beyond just white people. this includes white passing POC but that’s an entirely diff post)

because that’s why change can’t happen. that’s why change WON’T happen.

let’s put it like this so for peeps who don’t understand and maybe put it in a context more…comfortable for y’all. (also sex/gender and race are two completely different levels so i’m not comparing them. ever. this is just an example)

as a cisgendered woman, i do A LOT of cissexist shit and say a lot of cissexist shit because i’m cisgendered (my sex assigned at birth and gender identity match). i’m inherently cissexist because the world around me gives privilege to people like me. while i may not mean to do any of this or benefit from being cisgendered, it doesn’t mean i should ignore discussions around trans/non-binary folk. it doesn’t mean i should get on the defensive when someone calls me out for being cissexist just because i swear up and down i’m not transphobic. because while i believe i am not, maybe something i did/said made someone else think otherwise and i need to take that into consideration. i need to evaluate and check myself as a cisgendered person. and if a movie comes out about how cisgendered/cishet people are CRAZY!!! then bitch i’ma see it! and i’ma probably find that i’ve done/said a lot of crazy cisgendered/cishet fucked up shit. and i just gotta deal with that and learn from it.

so. *jim halpert shrug* stop running from what makes you uncomfortable and for the love of god…being problematic SUCKS. but you can unlearn problematic ideologies so do it. it’ll make the world such a better place lol

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