The two stars

It was an ordinary day prior to the Independence day of a nation in barsoom. However, the sky objects happen to be a bit extraordinary that day. Two stars were found accidentally altering its orbit cycle passed near Saturn and were attracted by the gravity of the Planet. The two stars were not usual star since they are smaller in size and have solid core like comet. The two were somehow deviated its impact course and flying at a substantial light speed. The gravity affected its travel speed as it enters the planet’s orbit. It played around in the courses of the seized stars. Sometimes it brought the stars a bit far distance and then release them close. After a while the two stars were getting closer and closer to each other.

The twin powerful gravity of the cores pulls each other strongly that it reduces their travel speed to the speed of a vessel docking. So slow that Scientists expect the two would eventually softly collide and united as a single satellite as it ride exactly the same course. And of course this collision would depict the most spectacular stars fushion in the human history. However, the universe larger gravity seems to boast its arrogant pulling force. As the result, the two stars gradualy shows the sign of releasing the planet’s gravity and surrender to the universe’s. They gradually began to leave the predicted sky trail over a course of time. The gravity force expanded and creating larger and larger distance from each other. In agust 16 at 2:01 pm barsoom time, the two stars separated. The two suffer scars as the result of the debris exchange while they were traversing so close to each other and exchanging the gravity. Dragged further away by the gravity of the universe, it dragged in to its core all wound and scratches. Their debris hovering on their atmosphere down inside its inner sky.

They embarked to each journey into emptiness.

No one knows the edge of the universe nor the shape of the skies container. Life is a cycle, and thus sky objects also moves in the course of cycle over time.

One day The two might orbit again in the similr path and even an inch closer and may collide each other at an indefinite time. And they would completely mingle

No calculations and predictions are accountable to tell us when it will happen. There lies hope and faith is underlying it

Although previously the two stars came from lonely space adventure. They does not seemed to be just enjoying the loneliness together when they float above the Saturn. They seek to be united as a single core of solid ground bursting auroras of colors.

So grandeur is the universe and so alive as its atom bounce endlessly deep inside. No one knows the when the momentum of their encounter may arrive in this continuum of emptiness

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