Influencing Minimalism Design Through Words

Tara Hornor discusses the importance of minimalism in graphic design in her guest article for

1. The writing is well suited for the intended audience: Tara Hornor is clear that she is writing for people in the field of graphic design. She keeps things quick and concise and uses visuals for every point that she makes — a graphic designer’s dream.

2. The writing is readable: Hornor uses a conversational tone when writing about the importance of minimalistic design. She consistently uses terms known to fellow designers but links definitions which helps the content relate to almost any reader. Hornor focuses on graphic design but the aspects that she chooses to discuss can be vague enough to be relatable to almost anyone in a creative field.

3. The writing is focused: Hornor is direct with her point of the article from the beginning of the piece. There is very little fluff in her writing and the list format keeps the writing on track and focused.

You can view the article here:

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