“Why Invest” in 500 words

The world is ever growing. Everyone is contributing for the growth. It is important that one should choose a career that one loves. There is immense happiness and satisfaction in pursuing one’s passion and dreams in life.

Finance is something that may or may not go hand in hand with our passion. Everyone needs to think even financially. We pay taxes, pay for our daily expenses, and need to save money for our future. It may be little difficult to save enough money after spending in our present, but it’s important. Financial stability is as important as passion is in life. But many miss this very point.

There is a famous Quote by Bill Gates,

“Money is not Everything, but Everything needs Money”.

This means that money is needed to pursue many things. Money need not be everything but most of the things that we humans need and want have connections with money. Hence, enough money should be earned and saved. But with minimised savings, we can still amplify the amount that we accumulate for ourselves. It can be done by investing the small savings in various instruments of economy and this is really helpful for our future. One can Invest in equity stocks, futures, options, derivatives, and many more.

One more reason is that the value of money decreases over time. Today’s 100 Rupees cannot have the same value tomorrow. In other words, Tomorrow You may need to spend more money to buy the same goods and services that you purchase at 100 Rupees today. This means, the value of your savings decreases over time. Hence it infers that your savings won’t fulfil all the purposes of the savings.

Image from Pixabay — Investing Returns

There is risk and work involved in investing, but it’s worth it. One should not step back because of the risks involved or the amount of work needed in the investment process. The one main thing that you need to take care about is to stop being stupid and sentimental during investment. Don’t mix your ego to the investment portfolio. Play Smart. There are tons of tips and advices for managing investments, but the sole aim of writing this article is to create awareness about why one should invest and the worth of investing. It’s the seeds that you sow today, that reap fruits tomorrow.

Thank You!