If people are fleeing poverty, and their homes still have reliable access to food, shelter, and security
The Future of Telecommuting
Yonatan Zunger

If people are fleeing poverty transnationally, then b/c everyone at their origin is poor; and that at a level that I estimate is severe enough for groceries shorting on stock for a lack of solvent customers, (small, eventually growing groups of) people to start looting etc, and on top security forces having the same problems, with their employer lacking tax income to pay them, the general sitation getting out of hand, raising susceptibility for bribery..

This is not what I would call “reliable acces to food and security”; let alone broadband access needed for VC. If even in well-off regions like germany, people rip infrastructure apart for their own well-being, like scrapping overhead wires from electrified railway tracks for the copper they’re made of..

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