More than a Million Pro-Repeal Net Neutrality Comments were Likely Faked
Jeff Kao

Innovation is outperforming government again. Thank you free market.

Thank goodness title II is being gutted.

*Trigger Warning*

“I am going to be overbearingly smug and pretentious when Title II is rolled back by the FCC — like, way more smug and pretentious than normal, which, admittedly, is already pretty damn smug and pretentious. If you think Title II is a good thing, you will probably be better served by just unfollowing me right this very second, because as annoying as I regularly am is not even a drop in the bucket to how annoyingly self-gratifying I am going to be when Title II, as it pertains to the internet, is history. Imagine a rich, SJW hipster, standing first in line for the new iPhone, when news hits simultaneously that Donald Trump has just been impeached and that the Supreme Court has ruled that all white American males are now considered domestic terrorists be default. Yes, that smug. It will be absolutely glorious.”

Sir Lance

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