What Are You Doing With The Rest Of Your Life?

I am in a Pensive Mood. Maybe it is because it is a Wednesday, the “middle” of The Week, It could also be Midlife Crisis.

What’s next for me? In Life, Health, Love, Career? Do I know-Where I am Going To? Am I Blazing Through like a Fireball, Floating along like a Boat Without a Rudder Or Going Along Carefully yet Purposefully with Conviction & Determination? Perhaps I am All Of The Above at different times.

At My age -46, I am continuously still getting to know myself. I have The Basics, My Negotiables & Non-Negotiables. I am My Own Person and although I can be given unsolicited advice (which I am also Guilty of Dispensing from Time to Time) at The End Of The Day, the Final Call is completely & solely up to ME. Nothing Personal, Bub.

I want to be Useful, Helpful, Joyful, Worthwhile. I would enjoy making people’s lives a little less depressing by reminding them that despite all the Evil Things going on, there is still a Glimmer of Hope that Good will always Triumph over Evil.

Not All Hope is lost. We still have a fighting chance to make things Wonderful. The secret is -We Must Believe It.

Coping with Illness & Mental Health Issues is a Challenge, but I have every intention to Overcome these obstacles. I am on a Path To Wellness and I will not let anything or anyone stand in my way. I dealing with My Life on My own terms. Unlike other folks who give in and allow Other People to sway & convince them to Change Their Minds. I can be Intransigent. I do not mean to be Difficult, I just Know what I want.

I don’t enjoy saying “I Don’t Know”. I prefer to say “I Will Find Out”. I don’t always get answers, sometimes I ask the wrong damn questions even, but I always seek to Understand. Anything & Everything. When I have a question, I will ask, if I do not understand something I will inquire further, I might sometimes be accused of talking too much, but I am simply brimming over with Wonder. Questions & Thoughts run through my mind like the Tickertape at the Stock Exchange. My mind is in Constant Flux. There are times when a thought crosses my mind and a statement or question will come out of my mouth. I try to control it but sometimes it just happens -Usually when I am feeling Stressed or find myself in what I perceive to be a Stressful situation. I am afflicted with:

Flight Of Ideas. It is like there is a torrent of thoughts, words, and images running through my mind almost constantly & I have a defective filter & sometimes have difficulty straining and controlling the rush of information running amok in my Brain. Sometimes it scares me to silence. But I usually manage to control things. Act normal, go around like a Typical 46 year old, but I am NOT your Typical 46 Year Old, as people who really know how I can be, will tell you. 😛

I am not known to do what is Typically expected. When someone quits their job, on their own terms & not because they were fired, I would likely say: “Congratulations”

Not-Why Did You Resign?

Then I would ask-Are You Happy with your decision? If the answer is Yes then that is that. However, if the answer is No-then my follow up question would be-what are you going to do about it?

Make informed choices, Know what you want, what makes you happy, work out a plan to make Your Dreams Come True. You CAN Do It, you must Believe in Yourself.

Before You answer the question “What Are You Going To Do With The Rest of Your Life-Know Yourself.

The Greeks have an aphorism which I will leave y’all with-Gnothi seauton=Know thyself.

May The Force Be With You.