I see it

My brown skin friend

I see it, my pen friend

All that you do

All that you are, or

All that you show me.

I see that you are one

That loves life,

Art and beauty

I see that we are as different

As we are alike

With legs that trail paths

On different continents

Yet with heart that beats endlessly for the same art

I see that we are as different

As we are alike,

With tongues and appraisal


Yet with a language that sublimes

Tongues and appraisal, poetry.

That we’ve been brought together

By chance

or fate

If faith be invested in those

That we’ve been put apart

By life and its wit

If only life would always be fair to me

And swiftly i am turning ying

And you my yang

Stealthily, my whole has been yearning for you

That your accents infiltrate my drums

And your text hits my mobile

Stealthily i crave,

That fairy tales be true

And my palms would grace yours

And my smile would meet yours.

Endlessly i yearn

That my white horse soon would show

and to you i ride

With rescuing arms

to free you for a while or more

From your oscillation

Like the pendulum’s

Between class rooms and glacier hills

Cleveland and Michigan

Or any two end


to split you in halves.

That next to you

I’d sit in a park

Or your favorite diner

With tales of your person

That I’d be mesmerized by your grin

That spans from ear to ear

And your laugh that i am yet to know.

That my arms would round you

And my lips would free whispers

“You’ll be fine milady,

I am here now”

“You’ll be fine”