Exciting News: StepN Integrates Apple Pay for Blockchain Gaming! 👟📲

2 min readJun 2, 2023

StepN, the pioneering move-to-earn gaming app, has achieved a remarkable milestone by integrating with Apple Pay. This groundbreaking partnership, announced on May 22, 2023, establishes StepN as the first blockchain gaming app to leverage the power of Apple’s widely-used payment system.

StepN, developed by Find Satoshi Lab (FSL), made a name for itself as the inaugural move-to-earn app featured in the App Store since its launch in December 2021. The app allows users to purchase virtual sneakers and earn rewards for physical activities like walking or running, tracked through their synced smartphones. Although the number of active monthly users declined from its peak of over 705,000 in May 2022, StepN continues to innovate and seeks to simplify access to its products while driving user growth.

The integration of Apple Pay into StepN’s platform eliminates the need for users to link a crypto wallet to transact within the app. Instead, users can conveniently add their credit or debit card information to their Apple Wallet on their iPhones, reducing transaction complexity and prioritizing payment security. This integration is expected to enhance convenience, improve payment privacy, and advance the mainstream accessibility of Web3 technology.

Co-founders Yawn Rong and Jerry Huang of FSL are optimistic about this integration. Rong believes it will open up StepN to a broader audience, making Web3 more accessible to the masses. Huang sees it as a significant step toward the maturity and mainstream adoption of Web3 technology. They attribute StepN’s success, from remarkable product releases to user onboarding, to the unwavering support of their community.

This collaboration with Apple Pay comes on the heels of StepN’s New Horizon Initiative, a rewards program for its loyal community members. StepN Genesis Sneaker holders, who own the rarest NFT sneakers within the app, were recently treated to an airdrop of around 80 million $GMT, the official token of the FSL ecosystem. StepN has also established partnerships with prominent brands like Atlético Madrid, ASICS, and Solana Pay, further expanding its reach and engaging non-crypto-native consumers.

StepN’s integration with Apple Pay exemplifies the growing trend of cross-industry partnerships, as Web3 brands aim to foster project sustainability, provide community rewards, and gain traction among a wider consumer base. By simplifying payment processes and enhancing accessibility, StepN is paving the way for a more inclusive Web3 experience.

Join StepN today and unlock the exciting world of move-to-earn gaming with the convenience and security of Apple Pay! 👇





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