The Crowdsale Analyst: SingularDTV — Three Projects In One?
Daniel Zakrisson

great post. the only suggestion i have, would be to use weighted points for each review items. What I mean by that is, you are using 5 total points for both ‘Proof of concept/MVP’ and ‘go-to-market strategy’. But, from criticality standpoint, ‘go-to-market strategy’ doesn’t weight as much value as ‘‘Proof of concept/MVP’. So, if 2/5 for ‘go-to-market strategy’ mean ‘bad’ then 2/5 for ‘Proof of concept/MVP’ should mean ‘critical’. And this should get reflected on overall calculation for ‘Product/Business/Operating Plan’ which in this cause would have been lower that 3/5. But, overall I really like your posts and thank you for that. :)

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