Meet the Paranoid Android 2017 with support for Pixel, Nexus and OnePlus

Once the custom firmware Paranoid Android was very popular, but the new versions did not come out long enough. However, recently the creators of the firmware hinted at the existence of a new version, and now it is available for installation. Download firmware can be at this link. The list of supported devices is large enough, and many of our readers have the opportunity to try out a new ROM.

As already mentioned above, the Paranoid Android firmware has not been updated for a long time, so in 2017 it appeared a lot new, but the unique user interface Pie UI and the shortcut menu at the bottom of the screen have not gone away. There were OTA-updates and even more possibilities for customizing the interface and working with applications.

For OnePlus devices, the new firmware brings improved control of buttons and gestures, as well as improvements in the operation of the camera and the fingerprint scanner. The creators of Paranoid Android have a special relationship with the OnePlus devices, since they worked with the company on its Oxygen OS firmware.
Developers of custom firmware believe that their photo quality and image processing methods can be better than smartphone manufacturers could. In addition, they collaborate with artist Hampus Olsson, who created wallpaper for OnePlus. In Paranoid Android you can see his work.