Bobulls (a multi-chain affair)

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5 min readOct 27, 2023

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Hello World… Watcha Looking at, little ol’ me?
Bobulls (Pronounced Bobbles) are a true multi chain collection. These likeable, lovable, cheeky, relatable digital characters have one mission and that is to unite collectors from 5 chains in one community.

Brought to you by the team behind BabyBulls & Claytopians, these guys have heritage, one might say a pedigree.

We come together as artist and project to bring this mission of unification to the blockchains, BoBulls have 5 chains on their wish list, two have already agreed. We are delighted to announce that our first of 5 chains we will be minting on will be Stargaze!

Stargaze we are coming! Whaaaaat!

With our projects connections to the Cosmos and recent migrations into Polygon it felt right to go back, back to where it all began in 2020. Stargaze have seen the vision, felt the energy and believe in the mission of the BoBulls.

You will find our team & our talented artist in our shared discord, where we already have so much going on. Aside from a community of chads who have a combined 2500 years in crypto to chat with we also have daily raffles for our own and partner projects NFT’s, new initiatives like our $2 a day raffle where we give away $2 every single day, indefinitely. The BabyBulls team are building out a suite of revenue generating apps, and just wait until you see Claytopians. Ownership of a BoBull (pronounced Bobble, they get twitchy about that) gets you access to future mints and immediate access to our growing family.

We have come to unite!

Bring it back, Bring it back… Bring it back for good!
Back in 2021 when we all believed we were genius’ and some of us had retired, we all worked together, supported one another and didn't just care about our bags but cared about the welfare of everyone who is here to pursue the ultimate dream of financial freedom powered by self custody and decentralisation… and an unholy amount of NFT’s.

BoBulls are here to bring those vibes back, by unifying 5 chains under one roof (it’s a discord channel really, but roof sounds better) we believe we can all benefit, we can benefit from each others knowledge, genuine support and occasional conversations about cricket. The world is at our feet & we encourage you to join hands with us and jump in feet first!

Bananas in Pyjamas

Making traits, great!
When we say your BoBull is a 1 of 1 we mean it, how our traits work…
Every single trait is unique, so you could have the Pyjama and Animal Slippers trait and so could your buddy, but your pyjamas & slippers might be a different design. See the two little fellas above above… nice pj’s!

Our artist was one of the earliest traditional artists to start utilising artificial intelligence in his work. what he is able to create be it hybrid or full graphic is second to none in terms of the work that is out there. Based out of Brasil, this young artist & graphic designer is a pioneer in his field.

Who knows what the future holds…

Utility Schmootility!
We aren’t promising complex game builds, financial utility or revenue share at this point we are focussed on the immediate goal of minting on 5 chains & united all 5 under one roof. Of course you will benefit from membership to a community of likeminded chads who are in this space for the same reason. Grown ups doing grown up stuff, and sharing said stuff with you. We also have gaming & utility projects, Claytopians & BabyBulls which you will get preferential access to.

Who knows maybe we will explore some utilities down the road, and they will probably be the best frickin utilities you ever saw in your life… anything is possible. They do look a bit like bobbleheads… don’t tell them I told you though!

In the meantime meet some of the gang, find a Bobull you relate with…

Boring Stuff…

Wen Mint: 16th November 2023 –19:00 EST (0:00 UTC)

FCFS Whitelist will run for 14 hours to allow everyone from all time zones to have a chance to mint. Public round will start at 14:00 EST November 17th. (19:00 UTC)

Where: Stargaze
Collection Size: 2k
Price: 750 $STARS (+/-$10)
(up to 25% of our mint will go to Troglodyte Society via Angel Giving)

1% to 50% of mints = 5%
51% to 60% of mints = 10%
61% to 70% of mints = 15%
71% to 80% of mints = 20%
80% to 100% of mints = 25%

How to get $STARS

Download KEPLR wallet here
Buy $ATOM or $OSMO on Coinbase, Kucoin, Gate (pretty much any CEX)
Send to your KEPLR wallet
Within the wallet, swap your $ATOM or $OSMO to $STARS
Open connect your KEPLR wallet and Mint Boballs.

Follow us on X if you want…

Jump into our community discord BoBulls channels will be active from Friday 27th October.



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