Are We Nickel-And-Diming Our Friends With Mobile Payment Apps?
Meghan Modafferi

So really you just don’t like it when people want to go halfsies on what is supposed to be a treat? And you don’t like technology that makes that habit easier? It feels like if people insist on paying back for treats, then an intimate friendship conversation could take place there?

Admittedly, I think Venmo is great! Its really up to the person who buys to decide if they want to be paid in full for it in lieu of full-ish/close enough. Everyone has their own relationship with money. This article reads like one of those pieces that condemns people who don’t want to split the restaurant tab evenly, even if someone is vegetarian, doesn’t drink, etc. Even intimate, close friends, have the right to be exact with their dollars, esp if they have less or have specific financial goals. I’m on Team Venmo, and on Team You Do $$ Your Way, I’ll Do $$ My Way, Lets All Get Rich Together!

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