How Many Ubers and Lyfts Can I Take Before it Costs More Than a Car?
Nicole Dieker

This seems like a case by case thing. Sometimes its nice to call it quits early, save some $$ on the bus, and read a book (and support public infrastructure!). Sometimes you need to work more hours, and take a car share. Sometimes you’re drunk and just want to be in bed.

A thing that most people don’t factor in but I think about all the time- cars are more dangerous than buses and subways. People get into collisions all the time in cars, this can be literally fatal. This almost never happens in buses and subways. This isn’t measurable in dollars, but its a big reason why I’m very pro public transit.

I also feel like its important to point out that this is a privileged POV, some people can’t choose to do anything besides the bus! (another reason for more robust public transit!)

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