9 reasons why you should preserve your upcoming baby’s stem cells!

Stem cell preservation benefits and solid reasons to preserve your baby’s cord blood stem cells

1. Cord blood is a rich, natural, controversy-free source of life-saving powerful stem cells.

2. The collection of cord blood is harmless for the mother or child, and does not interfere with the birthing process.

3. Umbilical cord blood has the potential to cure over 80 diseases. To read more about stem cell banking in India and stem cell preservation benefits check-blog.babycell.in. Recent research has shown tremendous potential for cord blood stem cells to be used in regenerative medicine, which may cure even more diseases.

4. Unlike bone marrow, cord blood is readily available in emergency when needed, if collected and banked.

5. Harvesting stem cells from bone marrow requires a surgical procedure. Cord blood stem cells are readily obtained from the umbilicus and placenta at the time of delivery and can be cryopreserved at -196 Degree Celsius for future use. Therefore there is no need for surgical procedure for the donor.

6. Cord blood stem cells are young and adaptable form of cells and the body more readily accepts the cells into its system.

7. Cord blood has a broader match potential than bone marrow, which means that the patient and donor do not have to be a “perfect match.”

8. Cord blood stem cells are more resistant to infection, have fewer side effects after the transplant and require fewer transplant drugs than bone marrow stem cells.

9. There are nearly 10 times as many blood producing cells in cord blood. Studies suggest that cord blood may also have a better ability to generate blood cells than bone marrow. This provides more opportunity for future medical advancements. Reference:nhsbt.nhs.uk/cordblood/about/publicvprivate

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Source: www.babycell.in