Weird cravings during pregnancy

1.Dirt, wall paint, ice

If you are craving for non-food items like chalk, wall paint, dirt, and detergent, you might be suffering from ‘pica’. This means you are a little anemic and need to include iron rich foods in your diet.


If you are craving for chocolate then it could mean your body has magnesium deficiency. If you are good at self-control, you could eat sweets in moderation, have just a square or two of dark chocolate at a time. But if you aren’t, you could probably snack on almonds instead.


It is very common for all pregnant ladies to crave for pickles at some point or the other. They crave for sour and tarty flavors, this might mean you want more variety in your daily diet. So go ahead and try out different things to see what makes you happy!

4. Chips

Have you been hogging chips and licking the powdered flavoring stuck to the inside wrapper? During pregnancy, your blood volume increases, which causes your body to crave for sodium. You can have sweet potato fries instead.

5. Soft-Serve

If you are craving it for its creamy, sweet and icy feel then it might just be the weather, but if you are craving it too much, then your body might be in need of calcium. You can eat frozen yoghurt instead and ensure there is enough calcium in your daily diet.

6. Green leafy vegetables

This might be the weirdest craving! But some time you can end up craving for leafy veggies. You would want to eat a giant pile of lettuce, palak, methi, etc. But this is a good craving to have! These are packed with nutrients and are good for your body and your baby!

All these crazy cravings are just a small part of the great journey that is pregnancy, and later motherhood. Just remember to have a well-balanced diet and drink a lot of fluids between your meals. Also, pregnancy yoga is the best way to boost your energy and reduce stress.

A special message for all you father out there! Make her feel loved and never let her get her cravings take a toll of her. You could help her out greatly by spoiling her a little and indulging her cravings!

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