Tips and Tricks By Mom to Build Strong Immunity in Babies!

Parents starts to think about the well being of their child, before he is even born. They do their best to ensure that the baby is healthy and fit. Moms make sure that they eat all the good and healthy food while they are pregnant because all hat is going to the baby. After the baby is born, every parent do their best to make sure, the baby is healthy. It is important to build strong immunity in kids to ensure their bright future. Below are some tips to build strong immunity in babies.

  1. Fruits and vegetables:

You need to include green beans, oranges, carrots etc in your kid’s diet as they are good for boosting a child’s immune system and they are also filled up with plenty of vitamins. White and red blood cells are increased by the consumption of fruits and vegetables. If your child is not eating fruits and vegetables, take it as a challenge and make it a fun activity where you can challenge your kids to eat some fruits and vegetables and in return they will award them extra playtime or something. Make milk shakes or fruit salads and organize a competition to see who will finish it off first. Other than these eatables, dairy products and lean meats are also good for improving immunity in kids.

2. Proper sleep:

Just like adults are required to sleep for 7 to 8 hours to properly rejuvenate their bodies, kids too require proper amount of sleep. Duration of sleep differs for newborns, toddlers and preschoolers. Doctors suggest that a newborn must sleep for at least 18 hours, toddlers require 12 to 13 hours of sleep and about 10 hours are enough for preschoolers. It is parent’s responsibility to make sure their children are getting enough sleep as per the norms because that sleep time is necessary for their brain and immunity development.

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3. Healthy home Environment:

Healthy environment at home is necessary for a child. If there is constant nagging and fighting going around the house, a child might get scared leading to lack of security trust on parents. A child needs love and care and that can only be provided to him, if he is being raised by a happy couple who follows a proper schedule and solve every fight before it even starts and that can only happen with mutual understanding.

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4. Breast feed your baby:

If your baby is about 2 to 4 months old, it is very important to breastfeed him. Breast milk has antibodies that enhances the immunity in a baby. By protecting him against ear infections, pneumonia, allergies, diarrhoea and even SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome). To enhance the brain power and help protect the baby against diabetes and cancer in future, it is suggested by doctors to breast feed the baby for at least a year.

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5. Quit smoking:

Smoking is not good for anyone. Despite the signs and warnings, people are unable to quit smoking (which is sad). If you are raising a baby make sure to not smoke in front of him. Passive smoking is even injurious than active smoking, everyone knows that. Small babies are more prone to smoke sickness because they breathe faster and are likely to inhale more smoke. So, it is important to quit it (which one must!) or just go outside to smoke one, before it causes any trouble to your child.

6. Avoid unnecessary antibiotics:

People are relying too much on antibiotics now a days. They might be helpful in today’s world but you must know, a little does a lot. Consuming too many antibiotics weakens the immune system and as a result, the body will start resisting the medicines. Same goes with the shots, that’s why children are given vaccinations while their system is under development. But as excess of everything is bad, excess shots can reduce the growth of immune system.

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7. Love your baby:

As much as feeding right food to baby is important, loving your baby is also that important (obviously! Every one love their babies). It is important to make sure that the child feels loved and parents should properly help their children to deal with stress and anxiety and that care and love will help a child in physical and psychological ways. Laughter is an important medicine. Make your child laugh and make his way to the better life.

8. Exercise time:

Stronger immunity resides in healthy body. It is important to keep track of exercises a child is doing. Take him for running, swimming, dancing, cycling or any other physical game, where he can enjoy himself as well as improve his health and immunity.