51 baby foods to increase weight

Weight issues are the issues that almost every child and their parents suffers with. Till 6 months of age, only breast milk should be given as it is the healthiest of all for that particular age. But, after 6 months, many other foods and drinks can be given to the babies for increasing weight and developing health of the kids.

Now, here is the list of 51 promising foods for weight gain in babies who have been eating solids since some time now.

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Also, If your baby has just started with taking solids, watch this video about 8 top baby weight gain foods for best results.

#1. Nuts

Nuts are a healthy option to increase weight. A 1/4th cup of dry-roasted mixed nuts contains approximately 200 calories. The nuts are rich in vitamin E, good fat and proteins.

Nuts are a great source of weight gain due to the high oil content in it. You can also go for the nuts butter as well, like almond butter or peanut butter as spreads.

  • Give the children a handful of mixed well grounded nuts.
  • Add as the toppings on the milkshakes or porridges.

Note: make sure that the nuts are well-grounded in order to prevent choking.

#2. Rice

Rice contains 75% of carbohydrates, which helps in gaining weight. It also contains minerals, vitamin B and iron. Give rice with some breast milk or formula milk. By this, rice will not add any excessive or not required weight to the baby. Try rice with some pulses or ghee for a better taste.

#3. Whole wheat bread

Whole wheat bread is a healthy weight to add weight. Wheat has a lot of benefits of being rich in dietary fiber with low fat.

Though it is a slow food for weight gain but is a nutritious process. It does not add any unnecessary weight to the baby.

Give your baby, wheat in the form of porridges and pancakes. This is a healthy as well as a tasty way to gain weight.

Another way to have wheat is through broken wheat called ‘dalia’.

#4. Poha

Poha is the dehusked flattened rice. It has the same properties as of the rice. Poha is rich in carbohydrates that help in gaining weight.

Try different recipes for making poha and give it to your baby.

#5. Butter

Butter is full or carbohydrates and fat that boosts weight gain.

People who want to lose weight do not have away from this food. The food is actually important for the body, if taken in correct amount.

Add a teaspoon of butter in your child’s food. But, don’t overdo it as it’s 97% fat could lead to obesity. Make your baby healthy, not fat.

#6. Dry fruits

Dry fruits are great for weight gain. Besides a healthy option, they are safe and tasty also.

Dry fruits make a healthy snack. You can start with them once the baby is 8 months of age and above.

  • Try making some dry fruits powder for your little one to have it easily. Make dry fruits powder at home.
  • Try giving foods including dry fruits like, dry fruit laddu, fruit snack bar, etc.

Note: dry fruits can cause allergy in some babies, look for it and stay safe.

#7. Pear

A food with taste as well as a health benefits is pear. Each and every child eats this fruit.

The sweet fruit is loaded with many nutritional values like vitamins, fiber and iron.

Give pear to the baby everyday to gain weight.

#8. Pumpkin

Pumpkin has many calories that help in gaining weight. This round and deep yellow vegetable is rich in antioxidants and vitamins.

Give the vegetable to you little one to boost health, weight and also this vegetable will add colour to the meal.

#9. Mangoes

Mango is called the king of fruits. Everyone loves this fruit and kids just can’t stop eating mangoes.

The fruit is enriched with fiber and vitamin A. Besides aiding in healthy weight gain, it has a lot of health benefits like, it improves digestion, and boosts tryptophan levels in one’s body, which makes a person feel happy.

#10. Peach

Another yummy food to boost weight gain is peach. One can start giving this fruit after 6 months.

Peach is enriched with dietary fiber and vitamins, particularly vitamin C.

Give directly by cutting or serve the fruit as smoothies and shakes after one year of age.

#11. Raw banana

Raw banana is a weight gaining as well as a nutritional food.

If you feel that your baby is underweight, give him/her a raw banana as it’s starch and carbohydrate content would help for the same.

Also, if one doesn’t feel to give banana to their baby during cold, ‘raw kerala banana powder’ could turns out to be a good option.

#12. Black gram (Urad dal)

Urad dal is packed with a lot of nutrients along with gaining weight. The food contains many calories, potassium and carbohydrates.

Make various dishes using urad dal and serve it to the baby.

#13. Golden bananas

Bananas can be given to a child after 6 months of age. Bananas are a great source of vitamin C, potassium, energy and essential carbohydrates and thus helps in healthy weight gain.

A single banana contains 105 calories. Give it in milkshakes or puddings along with some cream. This way, the child will find it pleasant to eat.

#14. Natural fruit juices

Fruit juices contain many nutrients and calories.

But, do not give the packaged ones containing preservatives. Rather, make the fresh juice at home by using the seasonal fruits.

Remember not to give too much juice to the baby as the baby can deny the other food items. One glass a day is enough for the growth.

Also, do not give the juice as the first thing in the morning. As the juice is acidic in nature, it can affect the inner lining of the stomach when it is empty.

#15. Oats

An oat is packed with a lot of carbohydrates and is one of the healthiest ways of putting on weight in babies. Oats are rich in manganese, phosphorus and thiamine. Oats is the only cereal that contains legume like protein.

You can give oats in these simple ways

  • Give a bowl of oats to the baby.
  • Try oat cookies.
  • Plain oats porridge, oats kheer.

#16. Tofu

Tofu is made from soymilk and contains a lot of calcium and protein. For the vegetarians, tofu is a great food for weight gain.

Give 3–4 pieces everyday to the baby for healthy weight gain.

#17. Soya beans

Another food for vegetarians to gain weight is Soya beans. It has same nutritional values as meat.

Soya is rich in protein, iron and calcium. This description of soya includes soya chunks as well as the green soya bean.

#18. White meat

One can introduce chicken/meat to the baby after the age of 8 months. Meat is a rich source of protein, phosphorus, magnesium, vitamin B6 and vitamin B12, and cholesterol, which helps in gaining weight.

Meat can be given once a week to babies. Chicken is much affordable than meat.

Go for chicken soup, rice, or use chicken in baby’s dishes.

#19. Olive oil

The healthiest way to increase weight from oils is by using olive oil. It includes the good fats and the monounsaturated fatty acids. Olive oil is termed as a very nutritious element in one’s diet, providing all the required nutrients.

Besides, providing healthy weight gain, it is also good for the skin. So, start preparing the baby foods in virgin olive oil.

#20. Mung bean

Mung bean or moong dal is a nutritional food, while aiding in gaining weight. Dal is rich in carbohydrates, fat and potassium.

You can go for moong dal khichdi, soups or halwa.

#21. Chickpea

Chickpea is a nutritious food packed with a lot of protein content.

The food is popular for weight gain, particularly among vegetarians. Give chickpea for the healthy weight gain in your little one.

#22. Red meat

Red meat includes pork, beef, mutton, etc. It is a great source of fat and iron and is required by the body for proper growth and development.

Do not give the processed and cured meats for babies as it may contain the harmful preservatives. Remember to properly cook the non-vegetarian food.

Here is the complete list of 51 Effective Foods to increase your baby’s weight.

Happy Parenting :)

Originally published at www.babygogo.in on August 22, 2016.