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At Wildstyle Network we believe that, in this crisis-coated economy, the truly ambitious and talented entrepreneurs are now most likely to solve the greatest challenges we face. To achieve that it takes great people, a commitment to developing deep relationships with customers, and entering untapped markets and territories. We’re happy to announce an additional investment in one of our angel fund’s portfolio companies, HOLYO. Here’s why:

Recognising the achievements of a great founder-funder

As founders with deep expertise in product and operations, the Holyo team invested their own money in Holyo’s success. This convinced us to top-up every € spent with our fund’s money.

Why is the founder-funder story important? Well, the founding team has proven themself to be an invaluable asset of the venture. Now we can focus on co-developing the venture without any strings attached and with full steam ahead.

The WSN Angels & Startups team is proud to work with a balanced mission driven team here at Holyo and we’re excited to see what we will achieve together in the years ahead as the founders are looking to expand their ideas into untapped territories. …

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Building great products is often about software and real-world problems of certain personas. Now humanity is continiously facing a global challenge and it is a priority to almost everyone. The Coronavirus is a threat for the wealthy and the poor, for developers, engineers and designers alike. Our teams at Wildstyle Network and our venture portfolio teamed up to come back with the basic problem to fight the disease: Social Distance. That was at the beginning of the crisis — in Feb/March 2020. Now, weeks later, Apple is the biggest blocker for community developed solutions. Here’s why.

What is SocDist?

Social Distance App helps everyone with a mobile phone to keep a physical distance to other people. The problem oftentimes is that we’re not used to keeping distance in our busy lives. Standing at the cash desk, meeting neighbors at the garden fence or chatting to good friends. These are the moments when we’re headless and when we don’t remind ourselves that a distance of 2 Meters (or 6ft) is the most viable weapon against the virus.

How does SocDist work?

The app measures Bluetooth signals of other devices around you. …

(updated Friday, 13th) Impact of Coronavirus on technology might change our society as we know it — for the bad and, this may sound strange, for the good. Everyone who went through the crisis in the early 2000s and the financial crisis in 2008 knows what will happen in the next six to twelve months. Do you?

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I was twenty years old and running a hybrid analog/digital business at the end of 1999. …


Steve Nitzschner

Serial Co-Founder in US, CN, IN, EU. Wildstyler at ♥, Board, Little Bird,, Proximal Internet’s Chief Prophet, Google Launchpad Mentor. Hi!

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