Why We Feel Clueless When Our Parents talk of our baby-days!

One of the stories my parents love to tell me is how my first birthday was really special and what a party it was! As for me, I just smile and wish the world always treated me like I am a one-year old! 🙂

Chances are you had a wonderful time as a baby/toddler but you hardly remember your first day at school or how you were laughing all along when the third birthday came!

First Day At School — Expectation Vs Reality!

Science has the answer!

Our brain has two types of memories — an episodic memory and a semantic memory. Hold on! It is simple enough to understand.

We know who our parents are. We learn and still remember how to ask for things. We learn and practice even today how to hold a spoon. All things we learned when we were probably 2 or even less. That’s our semantic memory — it teaches us how to deal with the world.

Now, facing the world is always tough, isn’t it? Our brain understands it. So before we turn 4, our brain sends all “episodic” memories to several different brain surface areas in pieces. So your brain surface is more like a hard-disk with data spread all over in bits and pieces! Woaaah!!

And a thing called hippocampus holds all of this information together. But it just starts learning how to do things just around the time you start your school. Now, that is crazy right.

Right now, everything you experienced as a baby or toddler — is there in your brain. You just don’t remember it — because hippocampus was late to the party!

What Can You Do?

Pretty much nothing if you want to retrieve your own memories! But if you are a parent…

You can definitely gift a lifetime of memories to your little one. All you need is your phone camera and an online baby journal. You already have the phone, we have sorted the second thing out — you can head here and get an early access to our baby journal tool. For our first 100 customers, we are giving a 50% off on the first baby-photo album and we are at 58 (as of August-31, 3.00 GMT). Hurry now!

Your baby photos are really special and they deserve a special place — not your messy phone gallery. Come onboard!

Reference : http://www.livescience.com/32963-why-dont-we-remember-being-babies.html

Originally published at blog.babyonboard.in on August 31, 2016.