Christmas Stuff in November Confuses my Kid

My 3 year old has a pretty tenuous grip on the concept of the passage of time. He sometimes says he wants to do something next year, when he really means in the afternoon. I often tell him to go do something for ten minutes, and he’ll be back to me anywhere between 30 seconds and half an hour. The other night he did ask me to come check on him in his bed in two minutes, and when I did he was pretty happy with the result.

He’s also convinced that as he and his sister get older and bigger, his mom and I are going to get smaller, until eventually he’s taking care of us. He talks frequently about how when he’s bigger and I’m smaller, he’ll strap me into the car seat, change my diaper, put me to bed, and go to work, not necessarily in that order. I’ve told him several time I might just take him up on the diaper changing, but I doubt I’ll ever fit in a car seat again. He’s three, I’m pretty sure it’s not a problem. If he turns 20 and still thinks I’m turning into a baby I’ll be concerned.

Anyway, when Christmas stuff starts appearing everywhere in November, it’s very confusing for him. For the last three weeks or so he’s asked me regularly if it’s Christmas, or if Christmas is going to be tomorrow, or how much longer it is until Christmas. It makes sense, really. If it’s not going to be Christmas tomorrow, why is everything he sees about Christmas right now? We just did pictures with Santa the other day, why would Santa be at the mall if he’s not coming soon? When I tell him it’s six weeks away, or a month away, or 25 days away it doesn’t exactly help.

I actually don’t mind the “Christmas season” starting right after Halloween. I used to. When I was single I was the jerk in the grocery store in late November complaining about how they’ve been playing Christmas music for two weeks already. Now that I’ve got kids, I’m the jerk who’s humming along, sometimes singing loudly while they beg me to stop. I’m excited about Christmas again, because I want my kids to be excited about Christmas. I try to make it a special time of year for them.

But it sure is a confusing time for W right now. He’s actually taken to saying stores must be decorating for Halloween, because he knows that happened not so long ago, and we keep telling him Christmas is a ways off.

Once it’s December 1 tomorrow and we get out his advent calendar it should help, so he can count how many days are left until Christmas. But it’s certainly a perplexing time for him right now, the pre-Christmas holiday shopping blitz.

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