How to avoid burnout

Coming into state of total stress and work burnout, which I wish I wouldn’t. and finding myself willing to write down some of the lessons I learned this hard way..

  1. Are you sure you can handle it?

Plan it. Count it. “Budget” your time. Don’t take tasks for which you cannot be best at because of lack of time. Learn to prioritize and say “No” to lower priorities.

Set your limits. Stand for yourself. Afraid to lose opportunity? Plan how you will handle this. Either this loss will be just delayed.

2. Don’t put all eggs into one basket.

For me it was work. Parties with work, travel with work, work is a biggest hobby. It might seem like a dream job, but you have to have smth to switch on, you have to have balance. “Not yet ready for relationships because concentrating on moving”, “cannot find time to meet with friends because here is important evening meeting”. And if smth does not work out with this one thing, then feeling of loss becomes biggest frustration.

Build a life from all sides, draw “The Wheel of life” and make work to improve weak sides.

3. Metrics

Even if it seems like blue sky to you, find a way to constantly gather feedback from around. Confirm your understanding of progress.

Create metrics (either numerical or words) which you can monitor for state of health of a project/product/career. Schedule to check it regularly.

4. Ask for help.

Especially if things do not work out. Nothing will be solved by itself. Don’t tell “I will push as far as I can so I can prove I can do it on my own” even if you see support if needed. Ideally, even if you are individual contributor, learn to team up.

5. Focus on good

“What you focus on — grows”. If there is some failure, or fear, or sadness — please please try not to focus on it. I checked it this rule on myself, once I focused on bad it continued to happen. There is always a brighter side. turn your head into it. Focus on it. Light will shine. Light will grow.


Here goes a lof ot motivational quotes. Remember why you started, think how far you already gone, be curious to know what will happen if you don’t give up. Whatever helps you, don’t.

Be at your best, understand if it’s your passion which is worth to pursue or smth else. If the latter, just leave with no regrets, with feeling of pursuing your dream.

Of course it’s all easily said than done, and totally not a full list.. but if this helps at least one not to get into similar situation, i would be very happy.



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